Major Amusement Rides. 

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#3099  BOOSTER 40/8  (trailer version), 8 seats

#3104  EXTREME  (trailer version), 16 seats

#3087  LOOP FIGHTER  (trailer version), 16 seats

#3049  SPEED  (trailer version), 8 seats

#3057  KAMIKAZE III  (trailer version), 16 seats

#3050  SPEED  (trailer version), 8 seats

#3053  EXTREME  (trailer version), 16 seats

#3009  VOMATRON  (portable version), 4 seats

#3006  SPACE LOOP 32  (trailer version), 32 seats

#2006  RANGER  (trailer version), 32 seats

#2002  RANGER (Sartori)  (trailer version), 32 seats

#2079  SPACE LOOP  (trailer version), 28 seats

#2042  EJECTION SEAT  (trailer version), 2 seats

#2075  EXPERIENCE  (trailer version), 24 seats

#2073  JET FORCE  (trailer version), 16 seats

#2054  CATACLISM  (park version), 40 seats

#1056  EXTREMES (trailer version), 24 seats

#2040  MOONRAKER (trailer version), 40 seats

#2051  EJECTION SEAT (Max) (trailer version), 2 seats

#2046  EXTREME (trailer version), 16 seats

#2032  CANYON (trailer version), 24 seats

#2044  FREAK OUT (trailer version), 16 seats

#2034  MEGA MIX (trailer version), 32 seats

#1093  DIABLO (trailer version), 24 seats

#1089  BOOSTER 40/8 (trailer version), 8 seats

#1094  SOUND MACHINE (trailer version), 30 seats

#1090  AVIATOR (trailer version), 32 seats

#1077  SPEED (trailer version), 8 seats

#1074  EJECTION SEAT (trailer version), 2 seats

#1075  STREET FIGHTER (trailer version), 16 seats

#1068  EXTREME (trailer version), 16 seats

#1050 SLING SHOT (park version), 2 seats

#349 SUPER LOOP (trailer version), 24 seats

#1054 SUPER LOOP ON TOP (trailer version), 36 seats

#1040 NUVOLA (trailer version), 22 seats

#1038 DISCO LOCO (trailer version), 20 seats

#1032 ENTERPRISE (trailer version), 40 seats

#1014 BATMAN / CATACLISM (trailer version), 40 seats

#1012 OVER THE TOP (trailer version), 32 seats

#320 SLING SHOT (portable version), 2 seats


Major Amusement Rides. Ejection Seats, Street Fighter, Canyon Raft, Freak Out, Afterburner, Booster, Top Scan, Sky Tower, Speed Ride, Pegasus, Sling Shot, Ranger / Kamikaze Ride, Jupiter, Evolution, manufactured by  major European and International manufacturer, as Fabbri Group, Technical Park, KMG Rides, Mondial Rides, Zamperla.

Purchase a used amusement ride

Are you looking for a used amusement ride and you need special advice in technical evaluation ?
The market value of each used amusement ride depends on different factors. Quality of the original manufacturer, age of the ride, level of maintenance performed and success of this ride on the market.  Fabbri Rides provides professional services related to the sale of used amusement ride. Identification of the best products available and comparison with market price and negotiation of final price and contract.  Organization of payment by escrow agent and assistance for the disassembling. Delivery and identification of the proper shipment.
NOTE: Specification and availability details are provided by third parties and could be modified at any time without prior notice. We recommend the Buyers to have the rides approved by local inspectors according to local regulations before the use with public.

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