Bizzarro Stunt Cars Show

Bizzarro Stunt Cars Show


Mr. Pascal Bizzarro started his experience in the Stunt Cars Show in the 1960s with spectacular innovations. He was the first in Italy to create a format with a complete show. In the 1970s the group increased thank to the three children Ms. Aurelia, Mr. Patrick and Mr. Davide. From this moment their show was named “by Bizzarro Team”.



1980s: Bizzarro Team created the format MOTOR SHOW, an acrobatic show presented at first time in Bologna during the famous Motor Show Exhibition. This format was continuously improved during the years also by other teams.

1990s: Bizzarro Team developed a new acrobatic show after the latest “Police Academy” Hollywood Movies, to be shown in Theme Parks.

2000s: Bizzarro Team participated to a European Tour, taking their show in different cities with a special “portable unit”. This was the Era to show to all public their incredible acrobatic activity. This format was perfect for special City Events.

2010s: The Team is continuously increasing its activity and now becomes International. The Team has increased the quality of the show and all safety aspects to perform a better sensation for the public.





The Bizzarro Team can propose different formats on the base of the type of project.



CITY EVENTS: This format is perfect for temporary events in major cities or tourist locations. All structures can be disassembled and re-assembled in different cities. Minimum space required is 100×20 metres, plus public terrace and backstage area.

STADIUM: This format is perfect for long terms events especially in tourist locations. The Show can include other activities in a large space of 100×50 metres with double public terrace to increase the turn over capacity.



The Team is composed, basing on show requirements, by high professional European drivers. The Team can be made up from 6 to 12 stuntmen, plus technicians and assistants.


(Team in operation in Sanya (China) by Mr. Davide Bizzarro – Team Leader)

(Team Leader – Mr. Patrick Bizzarro)


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All contents was provided by Mr. Patrick Bizzarro.