Many operators are not interested in replacing their rides and must therefore plan extraordinary maintenance necessary to make sure that the structure and components are still in a condition of use, avoiding unexpected failures.

Depending on the type and age of the ride these activities can be more or less complex.


When an amusement ride exceeds 15/20 years of age it is advisable to plan extraordinary maintenance that is more or less complex. In most cases it is necessary to dismantle the structure of the carousel and perform a revision to all the systems.

The electrical system is updated with particular attention to the sliprings and the general automatic switches. Pipes for compressed air and oil are often to be changed. Bearings and plugs must be checked with particular care. Last but not least, to verify that passenger safety mechanisms are in line with the latest international standards.

In all these cases, it is preferable for a technician to work alongside the workshop that you have also identified to complete a technical report that demonstrates that all these operations have been followed correctly.

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When performing a complex repair or when the repair is related to a component relating to the safety of passengers or operators, a modification is defined. In these cases it is necessary to identify the cause and study the appropriate solutions with the assistance of a technician. The experience of a good craftsman may not be enough.

When the modifications have been carried out and tested, the technician must issue a report which must be attached to the ride Logbook. The ride owner remains responsible for changes made with procedures other than those indicated here.

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Sometimes it can be difficult to complete maintenance because special spare parts are not available because the manufacturer no longer exists or is not available.

In these cases, the procedure is to send a technician, analyze the needs, take measurements and design the necessary component. Only with accurate drawings is it possible to start production and solve the problem.

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Thanks to a long technical and commercial experience, FABBRI RIDES is able to follow you in all these phases identifying problems in time and proposing the appropriate solutions.

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