An increasing number of operators need to change their amusement ride more frequently, so it becomes necessary to sell at the best their used ride. The more rigorous application of technical standards is making sales more difficult when part of the necessary documentation is missing.

Let’s see together what are the five steps necessary to complete a sale successfully. FABBRI RIDES has a long technical and commercial experience and can follow you in all these phases.


Depending on the type and quality of the technical documents in your possession it will be more or less easy to sell your amusement ride in other countries. We then proceed to analyse all your documentation and help you recover the missing documentation. At the end of this activity we will provide you with a summary technical sheet with an evaluation of where your ride can, or cannot, be sold.

Want to know what documentation you should have?

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With increasing frequency, those who buy a used carousel want to be sure that the metal structure is free of cracks due to fatigue and use. Although many operators are careful to carry out routine maintenance, we recommend performing a thorough check in time. The certificate issued by us is generally accepted by the inspectors of other countries and complete with images proving the verified pieces.

To learn more about welding inspections click here.

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We publish in RIDESZONE APP the images, videos and main specifications of your ride. It is a multilingual platform visible to a wide international audience. To find out how much RIDESZONE is released in the world click here.

The used rides worth over 100,000 euros are published under the name Fabbri Rides. We will respond to any request for information from potential customers by contacting you when necessary. In case of sale to a customer identified by Fabbri Rides an agency commission will be applied for the activities indicated in the following points.

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When the potential buyer is identified, we verify the tax position of the parties involved to avoid unforeseen expenses and possible disputes.

We assist you in preparing the contract specifying the conditions of sale and payments. When necessary, the contract will be in two languages to allow full understanding.

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We will be with you at the time of delivery, ensuring that the terms of the contract are respected.

If the sale is made to an international buyer, we provide additional assistance for export practices, maritime transport and import practices in the destination country.

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Thanks to a long technical and commercial experience, FABBRI RIDES is able to follow you in all these phases identifying problems in time and proposing the appropriate solutions.

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