Ferris Wheel as Tourist Attraction

Fabbri Rides helps you to get the right Ferris Wheel for your site.

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Ferris Wheels (Observation Wheels) are the perfect attractions for historical downtowns and touristic sites including summer destinations, since they are important icons especially at night thanks to powerful illumination systems. The structure of this attractions are designed to be transported and installed on your site easily and in a professional way; their operation can be done according to your local legislations.

We evaluate the technical possibility to install a portable Ferris Wheel in your site including transportation up to 25 semitrailers/containers, all the needs for installation and use in safe conditions. All Ferris Wheels proposed by us are portable version, installed over a steel base that includes proper counterweights and do not require any concrete foundations.

We evaluate also the economical potential of your site by taking into consideration the number of residents, national and international tourists and average expenditure for tickets. The results are important to choose the right dimensions of the Ferris Wheel for your site.



Temporary installation

We help you to evaluate if your site can be a profitable location for a Ferris Wheel or for any other Tourist Attraction available in the market. Thanks to our report, it will be easier for you to plan your business on time. If results are positive, a Ferris Wheel can be also operated on temporary basis for few months.




Ferris Wheel 32


#R32-204 – FERRIS WHEEL 32 – Portable version (no need concrete foundation) – Europe




Ferris Wheel 40


#R40-201 – FERRIS WHEEL 40 – Portable version (no need concrete foundation) – Europe


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