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Are you looking to buy or sell a used ride?

If you are looking to buy a used ride, or to sell your second-hand ride, you have come to the right place. Fabbri Rides is a professional agent for the luna park equipments with long experience also in the design and construction of new rides.

If you want to sell your ride, we collect the necessary pictures and information for publication on our websites and associated media, respond to all enquiries from potential buyers, assess possible transport and customs issues for export, prepare the sales contract in two languages, and assist you with any possible problems related to the completion of delivery.

If you wish to purchase a ride, we assist you in analyzing the existing technical documents, refer you to independent technicians for the technical and welding inspection of the mechanical structure, assess possible transport and customs problems for import, prepare the sales contract in two languages, and assist you with any possible problems related to the completion of delivery.

RidesZone App

To achieve good results in both the selling and buying of rides, it is necessary to have a powerful internet platform capable of reaching the largest number of operators in the world. Fabbri Rides publishes rides for sale in the RidesZone App (also available at this address, which can reach over 50,000 users worldwide; with this platform it is also possible to activate specific paid marketing activities. You can download the RidesZone App at this internet address. RidesZone is formatted for mobile phone viewing and offers the possibility to search by category of attractions.

The rides published are those produced over the years by the most important manufacturers such as, for example: Zamperla, FAR Fabbri, Fabbri Group, Technical Park, Preston & Barbieri, SDC Rides, VISA Rides, SBF Rides, Gosetto, 3B Bertazzon, Cosmont, Moser Rides, IE Park, Lamborghini, Park Rides Lamborghini, Mondial Rides, Intamin, Dutch Wheels, KMG Rides, Vekoma, Reverchon, Bussink Design, Safeco, Funlight, Kolmax Plus, AK Rides, Ride Technik, Dotto Trains.

In the RidesMania section located within the RidesZone App it is possible to publish used rides for sale for free with a value of up to approximately 100,000 Euro/USD. Interested operators will be able to contact the seller directly thanks to the “Message” option.

How does it work?

Operators interested in selling their ride send us images, videos, descriptions and the sale price of their ride, we will publish them free of charge in RidesZone. In the event of a sale to a buyer indicated by us, an agency commission will be applied to both the buyer and the seller. In some cases, we may ask to be appointed exclusive agents for the sale of your ride.

Operators interested in purchasing a ride contact us and we will send information on available rides and possible alternatives. In some cases, we are able to find the required ride on the international market or through direct contact with other agents.

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Atracciones usadas en venta

Atracciones usadas en venta

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Manèges d’occasion à vendre

Manèges d’occasion à vendre

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Giostre usate in vendita

Giostre usate in vendita

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Mr. Enrico Fabbri graduated in the year 1988 as Mechanical Technician in Italy with particular skills of mechanical design, calculation and electrical. Throughout the following 25 years, since his graduation, he has been involved in the leisure and amusement industry and has always strived to improve his knowledge in the ever changing technology in amusement and entertainment business, including Design, Manufacturing, Inspection, Sales and Administration.

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USED AMUSEMENT RIDES: Specification and availability details are provided by third parties and could be modified at any time without prior notice. We recommend the Buyers to have the rides approved by local inspectors according to local regulations before the use with public.