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Mr. Enrico Fabbri
Fabbri Rides | Director
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Maintenance & Repairs

Dr. Eng. Alberto Fabbri
Phone: +39 349 0847 881
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Design & Production

Mr. Enrico Negri 
Phone: +39 335 635 7215
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Terms of Service

GENERAL: Fabbri Rides offer services for the sale of second hand amusement rides and advisory to operators when they need to purchase a new amusement ride. Fabbri Rides is not a manufacturer.
USED AMUSEMENT RIDES: Any Prices of second hand amusement ride represent the Seller price requested to finalize the transaction and it’s subjected to negotiation. Any price and specification provided by Fabbri Rides are not binding Fabbri Rides unless a written contract is signed. Exclusions: Warranty, Sale and Profit Tax, Import and Export duties, Transportation, Installation and Disassembly, Testing, Inspections & Certifications. FEE (Used Rides): Fabbri Rides will charge Seller & Buyer with an approx. 2,5% fee of final price (to be discuss); additional services will be charged separately.

DISCLAIMER: Any post, document or information in this website does not constitute any advice in technical, normative or inspective matter. Fabbri Rides recommends its users to evaluate in an independent way the published material with the help of professional advice in order to foresee any possible legal, normative, civil and penal specific consequences. Although the information and the data here published are obtained from sources that are considered reliable, Fabbri Rides does not supply any guarantee about their accuracy and entirety. Fabbri Rides does not accept any responsibility for possible damages resulted from the use, misuse or not use, of any information contained in this post. The user, by downloading/opening any post / attachment, accepts upon his responsibility all terms and conditions written above.
EXCLUSIONS: If the buyer is from Unites States of America, Canada or Australia, or if the Used Rides will operated in these countries, we will not perform broker services due to local liability policy. We will provide to potential buyer only marketing information based on prepaid web services setup with sellers. Buyer will negotiate and finalize price, conditions and payments directly with seller or will use other brokers.

Guidelines for buying and sale used amusement rides

Selling the attractions in “confidential” mode: we will only publish a generic image in the media associated with Fabbri Rides and we will send detailed information only to interested customers, inviting them not to disclose it to third parties. However, we cannot provide a guarantee that other operators and public will indirectly know that your attraction is for sale.

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These links contain information that may be useful for your used attraction’s listing process. All information is available in English, Italian, Spanish and French.

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Privacy and Personal data protection policy

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