We are asking you to evaluate the appointment of Fabbri Rides as the exclusive agent for the sale of your ride. The appointment of an exclusive agent allows you to coordinate the requests of potential buyers and thus to achieve the best price.

By signing up for this form, you will have included:
– Complete publication of technical specifications, images and videos
– Special marketing advertising service, your attraction will be advertised to all users who have come into contact with our platforms

Click on SEND to send the completed form to Fabbri Rides. You will receive a copy to the email address you have indicated. If you have made mistakes or inaccuracies, you need to repeat the operation.

The person indicated must be the owner, or a person delegated by the owner.
Select "YES" to confirm that you want to assign Fabbri Rides as your exclusive agent for the sale of your used ride.
Select "YES" to confirm that you have not already signed an agency agreement for the sale of your used ride with other companies.
Please indicate here any other commercial comments that may be useful.

For more information, or clarifications, you can contact us.

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