MEGA DROP Steel Rope Replacement

MEGA DROP Steel Rope Replacement

The group Ortiz (Mexico) has made extraordinary maintenance to the amusement ride MEGA DROP (manufactured by Fabbri), by replace the steel rope related to the lifting system of the vehicles.

We remind to all operator that this steel ropes shall be replace immediately once operator note a minimum on wear, according to instruction manual provided my manufacturer.






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Are you operating an amusement ride and you need a yearly inspection to ensure safety ?
The Safety of your amusement rides is very important to guarantee your business returns. International standards like EN-13814, ISO-17842 and ASTM-F893 recommend that all amusement rides should be inspected minimum once a year to check the fitness of the structure and safety related components. Fabbri Rides has a specific experience to support you in this inspection and report you all necessary updates.