Monitor the maintenance activities of your amusement rides with one click

If you are still tracking activities on paper and are having difficulty tracking which person did which check and when, then you are in the right place. Opera Amusement allows you to organize, manage and monitor all your maintenance activities, allows you to monitor the connected rides helping you to manage predictive maintenance.

Welcome to Opera Amusement

Opera Amusement is an advanced software for planning and tracking the maintenance activities of the rides and of any other building or machines present in your amusement park.

The scheduled activities are entered via the PC interface and then transmitted to the operators who record them on the smartphone thanks to a dedicated App. The information of each completed activity becomes immediately available and displayed by the technician in charge. The software has been improved over the years by adding options requested by users, becoming one of the most complete software not only for the amusement ride sector but also for other industrial sectors.

Options available in the checklist programming phases

Below are the options used most frequently by technicians who are responsible for creating checklists and scheduling the activities that will be carried out by the various operators.

(1) Creation of the tree of assets to be managed
(2) List of tools and information necessary for the execution of each activity
(3) Imposing photographic shots that will be attached
(3) Assigning activities to an operator, or to a group
(4) Schedule by date or periodic
(5) View current and finished activities
(6) Management of approvals
(7) Automated printing of reports
(8) Management of tickets opened by operators

Options available from operators

Below are the options used most frequently by operators who are responsible for carrying out the scheduled checklists.

(1) View which activities are scheduled, even by workgroup
(2) View the tools needed to complete the tasks
(3) View instructions such as photos, documents, manuals
(4) Open, suspend and complete the audit
(5) Add images, comments, audio to the activities performed
(6) Open a ticket for new activities to be carried out
(7) Access available spare parts
(8) Send messages within the network

What do you want to do?

Fabbri Rides tested Opera Amusement, finding it the complete and perfectly suitable software for the maintenance activities of amusement parks. Our team is available to provide all necessary preliminary information, a dedicated webinar and to instruct your staff in the early stages of use.

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